If you’ve been on a college campus recently or seen a group of college-aged activists, you may have noticed a trend of people saying “Big Government Sucks.” That quote is not only one of the themes of our activism, but one of our overarching themes as an organization. In the last few weeks, I’ve asked people to talk openly across the state of Michigan about what that means.

I’ve been to campuses such as Saginaw Valley State University outside of Saginaw, to Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo, and to West Ottawa High School in Holland. Everywhere I’ve been, I’ve engaged in dialogues with everyone from high school freshman to college graduate students. I’ve encountered liberal professors, angry adults, and archliberal students supporting everything from #BlackLivesMatter to Marxism. But I’ve further met campus evangelists who paused their schedules to pray for my success, students from across the world who never thought they’d see a voice for limited government conservatism on an American campus, and people who’ve spent years oppressed by Big Government policies.


Nearly everyone I’ve engaged has walked away defeated. And when they yell and call me by every profanity under the sun, I only get the support of passersby who otherwise may not have heard out what I had to say. Everywhere I’ve gone, I’ve created an open platform for people to talk about what issues matter to them. I’ve fought with administrations and I’ve fought with students. When Western Michigan University staff slowed down my application processes to get into their organization fair, I openly told their administration that I would not tolerate Turning Point USA meeting undue discrimination.


These last few weeks have been filled with my fight to show college campuses that there is an alternate viewpoint to an ever-expanding government and socialism. Even the most extreme liberals and people who wanted me off campus have been among the greatest people I’ve encountered. This is a fight for the soul of our culture and it’s being fought on university campuses around my country by my colleagues and around my state by myself. This fight is not yet over and we will continue to move our campuses with events focused on supporting the free markets, practicing their free speech and other fundamental rights, and showing the world that Big Government Sucks.