When I started working for Turning Point USA a little over a month ago, I had been growing more and more politically apathetic. I had endured working the presidential primary in New Hampshire where so many college students and young Americans in general were “feeling the Bern” and supported Bernie Sanders and his socialist agenda. Day in and day out, I would encounter people who talked about free college, social justice, and more government intervention in our lives. Very rarely, if ever, did I witness a sensible counterargument to the constant Bernie barrage.


As I grew more and more tired of the uninterrupted liberal bias on college campuses, I looked for a way to make a difference with students. That is when I applied to work with TPUSA. I moved over 1,100 miles from Manchester, New Hampshire to Orlando, Florida.

Since moving to Orlando and working with TPUSA, I have made many great connections on campuses in Florida. I have mostly focused on the major universities like the University of Central Florida and the University of South Florida. Other than these, I have made some strong connections at Saint Petersburg College, Flagler College, Florida Southwestern, and Ave Maria University. Along with the colleges and universities, I have been working with five high schools that have students that want to start a TPUSA chapter.


I have had two chapters receive official recognition since I started: Flagler College and Lake Minneola High School. UCF and USF are in the process of receiving official recognition from their respective universities.

With the opportunity that TPUSA has given me, my faith in our collective future has been restored. It has allowed me to meet and work with literally hundreds of amazingly passionate activists who support our ideas of free markets and free people. I am starting to believe that our future is in good hands because of the work that TPUSA is doing by reaching out to college students on their level and framing the argument around issues that matter to them.