The message of freedom and limited government is spreading like wildfire! No matter what part of the Mitten state you find yourself in, Turning Point USA is making progress on some of the most liberal college campuses!

We started the new year off strong by promoting one of my favorite topics, school choice! As someone who has personally benefitted from school choice, I was proud to educate students about the importance of freedom in education and parental choice. We found that dozens of students were very passionate about the cause and happily wore those yellow scarves! 


And for February, we are dedicating each week to the things we love most, capitalism, America, and freedom! Students loved our message so much that I found myself running out of anything that said “I <3 Capitalism”! It was certainly a great opportunity to educate students on how capitalism makes their lives so much easier and how it has contributed so much to the advancements in our society. And it was even more gratifying to explain to students why I love America and why it is the most exceptional country on Earth.


We are also excited to announce new chapters launching all over Michigan, including Eastern Michigan University, Western Michigan University, Central Michigan University and even some small colleges like Schoolcraft. Over the next coming months, myself and our activists will be out in full force. Whether it’s engaging in debates, registering voters, or fighting for free speech on campus, we plan to make an impact. Our latest campus activism has addressed a popular issue on campus, free speech. We plan to petition against free speech zones and set up free speech walls.

What’s happening in Lansing? In just over 2 weeks, our Michigan State chapter identified over 300 students that love free markets and limited government. Students ran up to our table to snap selfies with Ron Swanson and grab our latest rally signs.


Of course, their hard work and dedication to the freedom movement did not go unnoticed. In January, our Michigan State chapter earned themselves the title of “chapter of the month”. They have worked tirelessly to set up meetings, cover campus in our materials, and set up amazing events. On February 10th, they were able to throw together an exciting round table debate between four experts on socialism and capitalism and gain media attention. Almost 100 students attended the event and were actively engaged in the post debate questions.

Getting involved with Turning Point USA is something you won’t regret. Order one of our activism kits today and see what the hype is about!