October proved to be an incredibly busy month for our Michigan chapters. Apart from the amazing work our the Western side of the state has done in regard to free speech, the Eastern side of the state has heavily focused on taking down “safe spaces” and understanding the constitutional protections that safeguard even the most offensive speech. We also heavily focused on government corruption and waste!


The task we had at hand is explaining how the growth of government directly feeds the problem of corruption and not the opposite. All too often, I have discussions with students who believe in creating more laws and agencies as a solution for corruption. However, it isn’t the increase in laws or voting in of new faces, but limiting the scope of power that will deter or perhaps prevent corruption. I also enjoy the opportunity to explain how it directly affects students. One of my favorite topics to discuss is the student loan crisis due the corruption within both the Department of Education and the colleges themselves.   



In addition, several of our chapters felt compelled to challenge the politically correct culture that had taken over their campus. Our Oakland University chapter took the initiative to set up a tiny safe space complete with toys and chalk. We mainly wanted to shed light on how ridiculous it is to set up a safe space at an institution that is designed to promote discussion, not stifle it. For that reason, we would ask passing students if they had checked their privilege that morning as a way to start a discussion. While we got laughs from some students, others were confused as to what we were even talking about and so an explanation was needed to educate them on the topic. Shockingly, many of them had never heard of the phrase but were angered by the fact that it is often used to shut down a debate by trying to discredit them for their background.


Our Central Michigan University chapter also took part in challenging their campus on the matter of free speech. The first step to taking down unconstitutional free speech zones is educating the student body about the policies by doing campus activism. We had handed out posters and had hundreds of positive conversations with students that may have not even agreed with the other principles we support. Free speech is a basic human right allows us to find common ground with a lot of students and work together to protect a constitutional right.

As you can probably understand, the issue of safe spaces has gotten much worse on campus. With the recent election of Donald Trump, several Michigan campuses have chosen to set up safe spaces for students to find help them mentally overcome the results of the election. This type of behavior is shocking coming from universities and colleges that are supposed to be preparing students for their careers. So if you find yourself on a campus that has strict free speech codes or safe spaces, please reach out to your local Field Director and we will help you organize a movement against it!