Ohio University is known for two things: being mistaken for Ohio State, and being a liberal haven. And partying. Okay, maybe three things. For the most part, the stereotypes ring true. In my three and a half years here I have not been shy about voicing my opinions, but it was rare to hear anyone agree.

Something has recently changed. With Turning Point on campus, I have a means to promote ideas that my peers have virtually never had exposure to. Maybe they’ve read about capitalism in a textbook, and the complexity turns them off to the subject completely. Or, maybe they thought that limiting the government meant to limit their freedoms and hurt the poor, when the exact opposite is true. Whatever the issue at hand, I am seeing more and more students listen to what I have to say.

Not only are they listening, they are changing the attitudes they have held for so long. Without the proper education, they misunderstand the issues. Turning Point’s branding, marketing, and message are appealing to a wider audience than I could have imagined!

Not everyone so quickly agrees with what I have to say, and they have valid counterpoints, and that’s okay. The conversations are interesting and usually policy heavy. However, hardly anyone refuses to listen to my perspective when I utilize the training I’ve been provided. Our message is spreading, our themes are taking off, we’re changing minds, and people are happy to have a voice on campus that finally represents the interest they might not even have known that they had!

Our chapter on campus has had more members at each meeting than the one previously (providing pizza probably doesn’t hurt). Our discussions focus on substantive issues; there are no wasteful, polarizing, partisan politics to be heard. The dialogue is always productive, and our Ohio University community has a true voice for the key concepts of liberty, limited government, and the free market.