While the music was blaring and the balloons were flying at the annual club fair, the majority of students at Mary Washington weren’t even thinking about politics. That is until Turning Point USA showed up and changed the game forever.

While walking from the car to the fair, students passed anxiously as they stared at my “Socialism Sucks” shirt, probably wondering why anyone would wear something like that. As I approached the College Republican’s table, their chairman, William Wadsworth, who seemed as passionate about politics as I am, instantly greeted me. His energy was evident immediately, and from the opening conversation, I could tell that UMW was in good hands even when we weren’t on campus.


As students passed, Gabe Hill and I started conversations with them about the serious issues facing our country. Though some seemed apathetic towards our political socialization techniques, the vast majority were intrigued and interested in learning more about TPUSA and the UMWCR’s.


After just an hour of tabling, we looked at our numbers and were astonished to realize that we had collected just over 120 contacts! Not only were the College Republican’s excited, but other like-minded organizations began approaching us and complimenting our collateral and dedication to the cause. Evidently, many of the organizations had been having a very difficult time attracting students to their clubs, but we didn’t seem to have that issue and instead were surprised by the appetite instilled in the student body for conservative activism.
I can say with absolute certainty that I am very eager to return to the University of Mary Washington and continue the process of starting an amazing Turning Point chapter there.