After contemplating for some time about how exactly to begin explaining my experience here in Northern California, I think I’ve finally found the perfect words to convey both my passion and frustration, but best of all — success. Ladies and Gents, we have been raising absolute hell — in an area I like to call “The Liberal Capital of The World”. However, I’d like to disclose my philosophy behind such a claim, and make it known that “raising hell” in an area like this, simply means spreading love for the constitution and just existing as a conservative. Luckily, we do far more than that! Below you will find stories to prove the overwhelming amount of irrational leftism that consumes the Sacramento/San Francisco region, but best of all, you will witness how we use grassroots activism and people like myself who desire a smaller government and genuine capitalism — to truly make a difference where socialism is loved and communism is somehow enshrined.

I’d like to start with the most memorable and successful day, which just so happens to be today. This morning, the soon-to-be President of the Modesto Junior College chapter, and myself, rolled a free speech ball around campus with great success. For those of you who do not know what a free speech ball is, allow me to explain. Imagine you are walking to class — you see an 8’ beach ball with writing all over it rolling straight for you, a few people writing on all sides, and two people who look way too dang excited to be talking about free speech, saying things like “literally, write whatever you want”, and “practice YOUR 1st amendment”. You would be rather curious, right? Right — so were the students at MJC. The passion and excitement amongst the students was an amazing sight to see. Below, you will find a video of students saying this was literally the coolest thing they’d ever seen on campus. This chapter is going to be awesome!


Second, I would like to share my experience at good ole’ UC Berkeley. The first student I spoke with said,  “I don’t agree, and I think you are absolutely crazy, but you are brave”. The next, laughed at the fact that we were speaking out against communism and literally said “Che was a pretty cool guy”, referring to Che Guevara — of course. The so-called “leader” and “revolutionary” who slaughtered thousands for speaking out against the government. How ironic is that? At the “home of free speech”, students praise a Marxist who again, slaughtered his own people for speaking out against a hateful, oppressive government. Hmm. However, in a place like Berkeley where there are sixty-four genders and the students praise men who practice what they apparently hate, there was light at the end of the tunnel. And let me tell you, there are few conservatives at UCB — but they are incredible. Every student we spoke with that enjoyed our message, either thanked us for bringing some diversity to campus, or told us about existing involvement in the College Republicans, and other groups on campus that promote similar ideas. All in all, the experience was well worth the pamphlet shredding and screaming carried out by raging socialists.


Lastly, I want to talk about my experience as a whole. From Sacramento to Fresno, San Francisco to Reno, NV — Turning Point USA has sent me to spread the inborn fondness for limited government, fiscal responsibility, and free markets, which I possess. With great success and over 500 students reached already, I am confident we will exceed expectation here in the north part of the state. Chapters are in the works at several schools, including Stanford, Modesto Junior College, San Jose State, University of Nevada – Reno, CSU Sacramento, CSU Stanislaus, Fresno State, San Francisco State, Lodi High School, and UC Berkeley. With so much more to come, I leave you with this. In such a confused aka liberal area, you must possess the passion, intellectual rigor, factual evidence, and love of country to an almost unseen caliber, to advocate our mission and rise in success. We may be few, but thanks to this amazing organization, we are growing!