The snow has finally subsided, which means that it’s springtime in the Commonwealth!

Just like the temperature, the hearts and minds of students across Kentucky continue to warm up to the ideals of free markets and limited government. Every day, students become more familiar with the refreshing message that Turning Point USA offers to their disheartened generation. When these students understand the message of “less government, more fun”, they are ready to go spread the word on their respective campuses.sam2

Within the past month, two new chapters have been formed at major Kentucky universities. Students at both Western Kentucky University and the University of Kentucky are ready to spread the message of “freedom, not free stuff” to their peers. Student activists at these universities have come together from the political science all the way to the theatre department. The message of limited government knows no bounds!sam

Every moments that I spend on a Kentucky university campus continues to motivate me. This generation has a voice and has stated that they will no longer accept the status quo. Hilltoppers, Cardinals and Wildcats can all agree that Big Government Sucks!