Despite the bitter cold and the first “snowpocolypse” of the season, 2016 is off to a racing start!

The temperatures may be cold, but the hearts of students in the Commonwealth are on fire for limited government principles. Since the first day of the semester, students at all universities are ready and willing to hear the message of free markets and free minds. Their excitement is contagious and is spreading across campuses like wildfire – especially on the front lines at the University of Louisville!


Earlier this month, an economics professor at the University of Louisville used Turning Point USA’s “I <3 Capitalism” materials in a classroom lecture. After multiple attempts last semester by university administration to silence free speech on campus, this was a refreshing sight to see! Through the work that the University of Louisville chapter is doing on campus, I truly believe that we are about to witness a revolution of freedom on campus!


All across the Commonwealth, hearts and minds are changing to embrace the message of liberty. Through the relentless effort of student leaders, the sun will continue to shine bright on Our Old Kentucky Home. From the Big Blue Nation to Cardinal Country, students agree that Big Government Sucks!