West Virginia has been ranked as the worst state in the nation when it comes to political involvement. This includes both voter turnout, and political action in the state. Our state has had its history of voting for Big Government and has seen the effects first hand on our economy. Local businesses struggle to stay open, corporations avoid West Virginia as to not have to pay a higher rate than they would if they were to set up shop in a border state. The coal industry that has been the main economy for the state of West Virginia is being strangled by EPA restrictions. But there are activists on the college campuses who are standing against the ideas and policies of Big Government, and they are making strides in improving their state! This is what they have to say about how Turning Point USA has impacted their lives.



Turning Point USA gave me a voice on campus that might not have been heard without it. I have been able to meet like-minded people, and continue to learn more about the pros of free markets and limited government.” –PJ Oxley, Marshall University



”Turning Point gave me a strong opportunity to become more involved in politics. It has allowed me to attend training conferences and meet new people. TPUSA has also allowed me to grow my knowledge of politics. Grow my own beliefs, and learn how to defend them on campus.”         Zack Vannatter, Marshall University





“TPUSA has influenced my life a lot. It made me feel much more connected to the conservative community in West Virginia and also made me want to get more involved in politics and be more informed. Thanks to Turning Point USA I have had great opportunities such as CPAC, which helped me to learn much more specific policies and things that have made me overall more passionate towards the organization.” –Arianna Smith, West Virginia University



“Turning Point USA has supplied endless networking and professional development opportunities to me as a member over the last six months. After founding my own chapter at West Virginia State University, I have found myself in a position that allows me to grow as a leader with the help of my field directors. Turning Point USA is one of the largest growing grassroots activism organizations in the country, and I am more than proud to call myself a member of such an educated and well-rounded group of people. –Calli Norton, West Virginia State University



”Turning Point USA is the greatest political reassurance for youth who believe in the greatness that stems from free-market capitalism, limited government, and personal and fiscal responsibility. In a country where those beliefs are a minority, an organization that brings like-minded youth together is what this country needs. TPUSA is more than an organization, it is a statement to the country: there are youth who truly want a better country with equality of opportunity, not of outcome. Through being involved in TPUSA, I have been able to fight non-capitalistic and pro-big government ideals on the front line of my University.” –Michael Quinlan, West Virginia University