In a state as definitively red as Texas it would be easy to imagine that activism is not a priority for students there. However, working with college students in North Texas it is obvious that they love their state and want to keep improving it and keep active. This semester we are starting new chapters at University of Dallas, Texas Christian University, and Northlake College, and that is only in the first few weeks!

North Texas students are tired of the same old lines and gimmicks when it comes to tabling, but, the ‘I love capitalism’ pins and catchy posters had students stopping in their tracks at our table, and eager to sign up! All of these new sign-ups will not be going to waste either! I am proud to say we will be hosting a Youth Leadership School with the Leadership Institute this month and our student leaders and all the new members that have signed up will be there. The semester will not even be halfway over and we will have new chapters, leaders, members, and all trained on effective activism.


Harry Vincent of Texas Christian University gained some notoriety after his twitter posts about Ferguson got him suspended from school. He has been fully reinstated and is enthusiastically storming TCU with free speech oriented materials and his Turning Point USA chapter is planning a huge free speech event. Not only could TCU not take down Harry, but they motivated an activist by attempting to silence him!

I am delighted over all of the growth in North Texas schools, even at liberal University of North Texas, who love our message as their chapter grows. Chapters and activists from all across the area enthusiastically table, host meetings, get involved in their communities, and connect more students to our mission every day. By continuing here I am confident that these students will keep the Texas they love big on energy and low on taxes and regulation.