Over the past two months, it has been my pleasure to further the conservative movement in Southwest Florida through Turning Point USA. My Activists are constantly outperforming their college peers and accomplishing unbelievable things. With Turning Point USA by their side, these activists will take back our country one day at a time.  Below you can see FGCU activists helping candidate Jack Emmer with his campaign as he runs for Student Body President.


FGCU student activists still love their debate watch parties and continue to show enthusiasm. FGCU activist are now the force behind the fight and constantly show the community what conservatism pride is.

I was also able to attend SOWFLO at Florida Gulf Coast University. Students were excited to talk about capitalism and other conservative values.  In the picture below you see FGCU activists getting students to show their American pride and support by taking pictures with TPUSA signs.



My Star Activists continue to shine at Florida Gulf Coast University and the numbers continue to grow! First, I want to talk about Richard Raps. Richard is so involved in grassroots conservatism that it has become his life. Richard attended CPAC and Winter in West Palm training. He is currently the President of the FGCU College Republicans and writes articles for Hypeline and FGCU Eagle News! Richard is a natural born leader who brings experience and wisdom to all my activists.ts4Between Florida Gulf Coast University and Florida Southwestern State College, I have grown the movement in the Fort Myers area exponentially! Though countless hours of hard work and networking, I have finally found an activist that wants to lead a TPUSA chapter at FSW. I am excited to see what comes next! Stay tuned for what’s next from Southwest Florida!