Over the past month it has been my pleasure to energize the conservative movement in Southwest Florida through Turning Point USA. I have had the amazing opportunity to work with some of the best activists in Florida. The College Republicans at Florida Gulf Coast University are an active and vibrant group an the team at FGCU is on their way to starting a Turning Point USA chapter too!

ts4The best thing about FGCU student activists is how much they love to table! Every day I am there I have an army of youth activists from Fort Myers to help me. The FGCU College Republicans are the largest and most active conservative youth movement in Southwest Florida.ts5

At Florida Gulf Coast University, they like to throw Republican Debate Watch Parties. The parties are so popular the local news media has a habit of showing up to all of them! The FGCU College Republicans and their newly forming Turning Point USA Chapter really turn out for the Debate Watch Parties!

I was also able to attend some Eagles for Liberty meetings at Florida Gulf Coast University. Eagles for Liberty were excited to talk about National School Choice Week and other conservative values. Once I built a network of activists at FGCU I began taking those hard working volunteers to another local campus to try to start other chapters!

I went to Florida Southwestern State College with Richard Raps, the FGCU College Republicans President, to find like minded young conservatives there too. We found a lot of students at FSW really like Uber, and don’t want it to be regulated out of existence by greedy politicians.

tsMy Star Activists have been at Florida Gulf Coast University though! The first two I want to talk about are Serena Fernandez and Melany Hernandez. Both Melany and Serena are members of the Chi Omega Sorority. Not only that, but they both attended the Sunshine Summit in Orlando and met many of the presidential candidates! Melany and Serena are a Big and Little respectively, and they bring a whole lot of talent and dedication to the club! Melany is also a member of the News-Press Editorial Board, and Serena is going to be the Vice President of our Turning Point USA FGCU Chapter!

ts2Between Florida Gulf Coast University and Florida Southwestern State College, I have been really busy and made lots of new conservative friends! With the makings of a great chapter at FGCU and a good start towards networking at FSW – I am excited to see what comes next! Stay tuned for what’s next from Southwest Florida!