The first month of Turning Point USA activism in Ohio has been anything but slow – established chapters are hosting meetings, events, and debate watch parties.  Not only are our current chapters incredibly active, but our field staff are tirelessly working to start new chapters all over the state. Our goal is to soon have ALL major universities in Ohio will have Turning Point USA chapters. None of this would be possible without the help of our student activists like Miami University Chapter President Abby Slagle, and Cedarville leaders Abby Martin, and Carly Conley! It’s safe to say these are Ohio’s flagship chapters.


In just one month’s time Ced arville University’s chapter hosted a meeting, debate watch party(with over 300 students in attendance), and hosted former Congressman Joe Walsh! Some chapters would get comfortable and slow down after such an active month, however, Cedarville’s Turning Point chapter is not “some chapter” and they plan to bring another speaker on to campus, host several more meetings and debate watch parties, as well as have a full week dedicated to the 2nd amendment.  Miami University’s chapter is also having weekly meetings, tabling two days per week on campus, and hosting speakers and debate watch parties all throughout the semester! These two chapters have set the standard for chapters across the ENTIRE COUNTRY.


Yes, Ohio is fortunate enough to have several incredibly active chapters across the state, however, our vision for Ohio includes an active Turning Point USA chapter on EVERY SINGLE university in the state.  We are currently in the process of starting chapters at Ohio Wesleyan University, Otterbein University, Denison University, Capital University, Wright State University, Ohio University, and several others. Conservatives deserve a voice on EVERY campus and we will not stop working day and night until that goal is reached in “Beautiful Ohio”.