Name: Cassidy Calderwood
Age: 17
School: Traverse City West-Traverse City, Michigan
Year in School: Senior

Cassidy Calderwood is making her way to becoming a well known Conservative activist. This Traverse City West senior is a young woman on a mission. Her goal? To get young people involved in the Conservative Movement, one fact at a time.

Cassidy’s relationship with TPUSA began on none other than Twitter, however she knew after researching the organization that her future with Turning Point was a bright one. She hopes to one day begin a college chapter at the college of her choice, Georgetown University in Washington D.C.

Cassidy is eager to attend Turning Point USA’s High School Activist Conference in August, “I can’t wait to meet like-minded people, I also am excited to listen to key note speakers at the conference.”

There is more then meets the eye with this Michigan teen however, her knowledge of firearms helps her to understand the importance of protecting our Second Amendment rights. Cassidy’s experience with firearms can be traced back to the knowledge passed down to her from her parents, similar to that of her Conservative beliefs. “I grew up in a Conservative family, my whole family is involved.” Her leadership qualities are clear, Cassidy is involved with educating her fellow classmates and friends.

Looking to double major in history and political science, Cassidy intends to complete law school in the upcoming years. Keep a look out for Cassidy Calderwood, her dedication to America is sure to be noticed in the future, both in blue states and red!