Jake Foley, a student at Scituate High School in Scituate, Massachusetts, was first introduced to Turning Point USA through his friend and fellow political activist, Nikki Pitten. Nikki had attended a previous activist conference and encouraged Jake to turn his political interests into political action by attending this activist training conference.

“I had always had an interest in politics and I have consistently had the same views on issues,” said Foley, “but after this conference I am so much more knowledgeable and my beliefs are much stronger.”

Jake credits the strengthening of his beliefs to the line-up of speakers brought in by Turning Point USA and the other students in attendance. “The friends I have made at this conference will be friends for life. The conversations we had about issues and policy and politics were great.”

Jake now feels like he can return to school in the liberal state of Massachusetts with the facts, knowledge, and information to back up his conservative beliefs. “Now, I can take a heated [political] discussion and turn it into a real conversation that can change minds,” Foley said of his plans to stay involved.