We asked our activists what they thought of Turning Point USA’s High School Activist Conference!  Here’s what Avery Jesmer from South Medford High School in Oregon said:

On Sunday, August 2nd, I hopped on a plane to Chicago, Illinois. I knew that I had an incredible 4 days ahead of me, but I had no clue the impact that Turning Point USA’s High School Activist Conference would have on me. I not only gained confidence in what we are doing in the movement, but I acquired the skills necessary to do something big, something really big in the movement. I met over 75 of the most intelligent and driven young leaders in the country, and I’ve built bonds that likely will never be broken. Having come home with a whole notepad full of advice from some of our Nation’s finest men and women, I feel more than ready to take on liberal bias in the classroom, apathy among our youth, and every other issue that I face each day as a young person who believes in free market capitalism, limited government, and individual liberty. The things I learned will never be forgotten.