We asked our activists what they thought of Turning Point USA’s High School Activist Conference!  Here’s what Madison Taaffe from Spruce Creek High School in Florida said:

To say that the Turning Point USA High School Activism Conference was memorable is an absolute understatement. From the moment I got to the hotel, meeting everyone was an amazing experience. It is such a breath of fresh air to meet so many likeminded teens. When I’m at home I feel like a needle in a haystack but at the conference, we all had a conservative mindset but we were still able to debate about certain subjects. The setting of the conference was so wonderful, I had never been to Chicago before. At this conference I learned how to express my beliefs in a way that will attract other teens to start thinking the way I do. I was able to achieve the tools that I needed to express that big government does suck, and that my generation is the future of this country and we are so important. I learned how to show teens that being involved in politics is cool and its not just for older people. This conference made the impact on myself that we can’t take what’s happening to our country lying down. The speakers were wonderful and I loved every single one of them. I enjoyed the Training sessions, and my favorite one was ‘How to Defeat the Left in 140 Characters’. Twitter is such a crucial tool for millennials to spread the conservative message. At this conference, I made lifelong friends that are spread all across the USA. Overall this conference was a learning experience and such a necessary tool that I needed. This conference gave me so much motivation to fight for what I believe in. I cannot wait to start a turning point USA chapter at my high school. Thank you Charlie Kirk and all the Turning Point staff for giving conservative teens opportunities like this conference and personally, for such an amazing week that I will never forget. I took so much from this conference and I am so excited to put it into work.