Jake Dagel, the Iowa Field Director for Turning Point USA, has spent the last five months building a robust and active network of Iowa college students who believe in free markets, limited government, and capitalism. Jake has been overwhelmingly successful in organizing college campuses, identifying thousands of like-minded conservative students and establishing nearly a dozen Turning Point USA chapters.

We sat down with Jake to talk about his work in Iowa, his goals for the future, and his tattoo of the signing of the Declaration of Independence. Check him out!

How has Turning Point USA influenced your political involvement? Before this job I was just a young person involved politically, but now I spend every day doing something that I know is going to change this country. It excites me that young people can make such a great impact in politics.

What skills has your job as Field Coordinator enhanced? Talking to people becomes so much easier with this job. You have to be bold enough to talk with complete strangers about something they would typically ignore- politics. You build confidence in yourself and confidence in your message.

What is the greatest success you had this past semester? Data. The number of students who I have been able to identify as supporters of free markets and limited government; the number of chapters we have started; the number of groups we have brought into our free market alliances.

What is one thing you are hoping to work on next semester? My goal is to help students make being conservative a cool thing again. So many students see our table and say, “Oh my goodness! I thought I was the only conservative on campus”. We are showing that there are other like-minded people and that being conservative is cool.

Describe the growth in support you’ve seen since the beginning of the semester. I was nervous because there was very limited active conservative groups on campuses. Now we have thousands of kids in Iowa who agree with us. Politics- conservative politics- are exciting again. Students constantly ask how to get involved. We are starting a movement that is only going to get bigger and better.

Want to make any shout outs? Shout outs to all my chapter leaders!! You are all so dedicated to the cause and full of excitement. Because of you, I have all the faith in my heart that our generation is no longer going to be dictated by liberal policies that have failed us.

What is a non-political fact about yourself? That’s not possible- politics is my life. But I do have a tattoo of the signing of the Declaration of Independence on my right leg. That’s still political, but I think the answer will do.

jake- headshot


To get in touch with Jake about becoming a campus activist in Iowa, email him at Jake@turningpointusa.net.