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Washington, D.C. – As students head back to school, Turning Point USA—America’s fastest growing conservative youth group—is launching a hilarious new picture booklet: 50 Wacky Ways the Government Spends Your Money.

Click here to view the booklet.

Here are some examples:


An Oregon children’s theater was given $10,000 to produce “Zombie in Love,” a musical about a teenage zombie “dying to find true love.” The arts are an enjoyable craft for people, but funding for it should never come from taxpayers. Schools can fundraise money if they want their plays to have production quality.


The University of California-Santa Cruz spent $856,000 to train mountain lions to walk on treadmills. It took the mountain lions 8 months to figure it out, because, you know, they’re mountain lions. What practical use this information serves, no one knows.


Why fly in coach with the taxpayer serfs? Federal bureaucrats seem to think they’re above all that nonsense and fly business class 96% of the time, even though it costs five times more than coach. At least $146 million, or 67%, of the money federal agencies spent on premium-class travel was not properly authorized or justified.

Turning Point will be using catchy literature like this, along with their activism programs like “Big Government Sucks!,” to persuade and organize on America’s campuses. Turning Point is active on more than 1,000 campuses and has dozens of staff at key campuses nationwide.

Charlie Kirk, the founder and Executive Director of Turning Point and a frequent TV news guest, said, “We’re using hilarious graphics and tangible examples to show students how Big Government sucks and wastes their money. The government is leaving trillions of dollars of debt to our generation, and this booklet exposes some of the programs they are mortgaging our future to fund.”


Charlie Kirk is available for interviews on this booklet. Your local Turning Point USA staff member or activist is also available.

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