Unlike what the left would have you believe, there are young conservative activists everywhere… even in the most liberal campuses of America – like UC Irvine, the school that recently voted to ban the American flag because a few liberal students deemed it “offensive!”

Take Anthony Lewis for example. He decided to fight back by WEARING an American flag around campus. Anthony’s bold fashion statement caught the eye of Turning Point USA’s California Field Coordinator, and within moments, a new Turning Point USA chapter was born.

This just shows, no one can organize like Turning Point USA. This is just one example of our team providing rapid-response and changing the status quo on college campuses.

Since their formation, TPUSA at UC-Irvine has already organized activism initiatives on campus including a voter registration drive.

They were even able to protest the short-lived ban on the American flag at UC-Irvine’s campus!

UC-Irvine American Flag

Turning Point USA is working hard to make a difference where it matters most.