School might be out, but that doesn’t mean your activism work needs to stop. If your academic schedule keeps you too busy to be involved during the school year, use this time off to really dive into politics. Here are three easy ways to stay politically active during your summer break!

1. Join a local campaign as a volunteer.

Campaigns, whether for a candidate or a specific issue, are always looking for young, energetic volunteers to help the team. Contact your local political party leaders or Google search local elections to find an issue or a candidate that you support and are willing to help. You’ll gain valuable experience and knowledge and make lifelong friends in the process.

2. Write for a blog.

Turning Point USA would love to have you blog about your activism experiences and youth political engagement. Email Carmen Foskey at if you would be interested in writing for Turning Point USA. Or, reach out to other political blogs or news sources such as Campus Reform or TownHall to find other writing and journalism opportunities.

3. Host an activism event for summer students.

Many students take summer classes. Order an activism kit from Turning Point USA and educate students at a local college campus. Many students will be more willing to talk to you since they aren’t being bombarded by other groups and organizations. Get students’ contact information and invite them to a TPUSA meeting in the fall. Win, win!

Have any more ideas for how to stay involved this summer? Leave a comment below or send in a tip to Carmen Foskey at