Turning Point USA had an incredibly successful spring semester. Our team collected more data, registered more conservative voters, and built more campus activist groups than ever before in the history of the conservative movement.



Our grassroots muscle is unparalleled. In just one month, Turning Point USA registered 1,030 new voters in Florida.

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Between all of our campus groups, alliance partners, staff, activists, and members we were engaging in over 22,600 face-to-face communications A DAY!

These are conversations in which our team is passionately persuading, educating, and advancing economic freedom, individual liberty, and the simplification of government. These are the same type of communications used to build the Obama for America army. We are sowing the seeds for the next generation to embrace of these principles.


We distributed over 500,000 pieces of pro-free market/limited government educational material on college campuses across the country. These were given directly to students who wanted to get more informed, educated, and engaged about the values of free markets and simplifying government.


We incorporated and worked with over 400 preexisting conservative groups on campus that otherwise would not have been engaging in any sort of aggressive grassroots outreach. These 400+ groups were very grateful to have our staff assistance and expertise to help collect perspective membership information, register voters, educate their peers, and grow their particular campus group.


In the fall of 2014 we were averaging about 550 student activist contacts per week. This spring we averaged over 2,200 student activist contacts per week. These are students who directly expressed interest in getting more engaged in TPUSA and active on campus.

We also started over 110 new Turning Point USA chapters across the country. These groups worked tirelessly to identify, educate, and inform their peers.



We recruited over 4,000 fresh activist contacts at the Conservative Political Action Conference. No other organization was actively recruiting or gathering data at this scale at CPAC.



We started and grew 6 chapters out of 10 of the most liberal campuses in America. We are working to get the last four!

Turning Point USA is a 24/7-365 campus organizing machine.  What we accomplished this semester was just the beginning of the development of a strong, permanent, and unstoppable grassroots infrastructure.

This spring was incredible, and we owe every bit of success to our amazing team of activists.  A special thank you goes to Caitlin Butler, Gillian Castillo, Chase Sick, Tyler Bowyer, Devon Mirsky, Faith Braverman, Bree Binder, Stephanie Conway, Carmen Foskey, Jake Dagel, Nathan Wirebaugh, Tex Fischer, Joshua Thifault, and Kara Hamilton — without these leaders our success wouldn’t be possible.