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Wesley Hamilton
University of Louisville
Turning point is the change I wish to see in the world.  I hope to add any skill I may to the program.  I hope I can further the message that the free market is good, and that big, intrusive government is bad.


Nicole Been
DePaul University
I love Turning Point USA because they give students the materials and confidence to stand up for capitalism, free markets, conservative values, and stand up against BDS and liberal agenda on campus. They also give students amazing opportunities to attend conferences like CPAC and host great conferences of their own to empower conservative students and meet new friends!


Skylar Alexander
Ohio State University
Turning Point USA is one of the best, yet youngest, non-profit student led organizations I have ever came. Turning Point USA has not only helped me fight through the overwhelmingly liberal campus community, but also made it easier to find and communicate with those that share similar values. Turning Point USA has no problem standing alone, but one thing is for sure-we are never going away nor bowing down to an overly oppressive and ever-growing government!


Shelby Simmons
Valdosta State University
Turning Point USA is an amazing organization of dedicated and passionate activists, and I am so thankful for the opportunity to be a part of the family. TPUSA has opened up countless doors and presented multitudes of opportunities I would not have otherwise been able to access. The staff and leadership is the best in the industry and always there to help in any way they can. I can honestly say this is the best job I’ve ever had, and I can’t wait to continue to grow with this organization!


Victoria Metzel
University of California-Los Angeles
Since discovering Turning Point USA earlier this year, I have felt tremendously empowered as a young conservative to speak up for my values that are widely unpopular on my campus. Being involved opens up a huge network of other activists, an inspiring support system through the wonderful staff, and provides the tools to better understand important issues. Turning Point USA is a highly successful grassroots movement whose message is critical for the next generation of leaders and the preservation of our great nation. I am proud to spread the word that Big Government Sucks at UCLA, one button at a time!

Lacey Bishop

Lacey Bishop
East Georgia State College
Turning Point USA has been a great help to me, not only in forming my personal political views, but also in supporting my College Republicans chapter on campus. I attended TPUSA’s Young Women’s Leadership Summit this summer. It was incredible how well organized the event was and how it seamlessly brought together hundreds of young, conservative, women from across the United States. That conference inspired me to be an activist on my campus and be unafraid in sharing my political views. I ordered an activist kit from TPUSA to help out my College Republicans chapter, and the materials from that one box have helped us host several successful tabling events. TPUSA is an awesome organization that is inspiring young people across America to get involved in politics, and I am so glad to be a part of it.


Lauren Houck
Eastern Michigan University 
I love TPUSA because they not only educate students about free market capitalism and fiscal responsibility, but they give you the tools you need to educate others. They have the best team of activists working in each state to make sure every group has what they need to be successful in fighting the left on campus. Charlie Kirk has taught me more about economics than any professor I’ve ever had. I’m so blessed to be apart of such an awesome organization!

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Reece Gamas
Azusa Pacific University
Turning Point USA is a phenomenal organization that empowers young conservatives nationwide, including myself. As a young millennial who is considering seeking political office myself, I must say that TPUSA’s unyielding-commitment to fighting for conservative values, including capitalism, is truly the beginning of a centurial comeback for American conservatism.

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Christian Lemke
Niagara University
I love TPUSA for several reasons, the most important being I am able to make a difference. Through TPUSA I am able to give students an alternative perspective from their biased professors, especially here in New York State. It’s important that students and the younger generation in general get involved because we are the ones who will have to pay for the failures of this government. We are the future and we are responsible for the direction we take as nation. I love relaying the message to fellow students that in order to solve these problems.

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Jake Leahy
Deerfield High Schoo
What I love about Turning Point USA is that no other organization is actually out there fighting back against the extreme liberal indoctrination on college campuses. Turning Point has demonstrated on a national level the control that the left has on our institutions of higher education. Additionally, through Turning Point’s events I have made so many great Conservative friends from across the country who are fighting back also. Turning Point USA makes me hopeful for the future and direction of this nation. Finally, Charlie, Crystal and everybody else have proven that age is irrelevant.


Anna Bach
DePaul University
Turning Point USA has had such a positive impact on my college experience because it has allowed me to connect with like-minded peer and fight liberalism on campus. TPUSA has given me the confidence boost to become a campus activist and embrace my political beliefs despite attending a liberal-dominated college. Being a part of TPUSA has broadened my network and has allowed me to make friendships and connections across the nation, which is what makes TPUSA such a unique and successful organization.

Nicholas Quatraro
West Hall High School
I support Turning Point USA because the organization is molding great, young conservative minds. Through TPUSA, I have found a group of like-minded students who are politically aware. TPUSA is one of, if not the greatest, organizations available for young  students. I want to thank Charlie Kirk and the rest of the TPUSA team for everything they do.


Haley Feyereisen
Iowa State University
I love Turning Point because it gives the younger generation a chance to make a huge difference in the world of politics.  It is such a genuine organization that truly has America’s best interest at heart.  The grassroots activism gets students involved and who then go on to become activists themselves. It teaches us the importance of having capitalism in our nation.  I am so proud to be able to say I am a part of TPUSA!


Joanna Rodriguez
Sam Houston State University
Aside from being able to interact with students, one of the greatest things about being a part of TPUSA is the opportunities it has brought into my life. TPSA has allowed me to go to both activism conferences they had over the summer and great networking opportunities. Also being involved in TPUSA helped tremendously this summer when I interned for the Ted Cruz campaign and helped me now in the TX house campaign I am working on too. I believe that it is our millennial generation who has to make the biggest change and we need people like those involved in TPUSA to wake up the nation and to turn things around! I love being a part of this organization and can’t wait to see what is in store for the future.

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Cooper Parker
University of Alabama
When I held The University of Alabama’s first TPUSA event, I was shocked at the diversity of students who found themselves agreeing with our mission (my favorite was a self proclaimed Bernie supporter). I love TPUSA because we make extremely important political issues interesting and easy to get across to my generation. I believe we are the solution for numerous students who are finding themselves pushed away from and uninterested in politics due to partisan politicians.

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Gina Jochimsen
University of Iowa
I love Turning Point USA simply because we are a millennial grassroots movement. We want to empower young people and assure them that their voices don’t go on unheard. By coming together to make free market capitalism and fiscal responsibility actually interesting to young people, we can reclaim why it’s cool to love conservative values and why big government sucks!


Lilly Altree
California State University-Monterey Bay
I was first introduced to Turning Point USA when I saw they were hosting a Young Women’s Leadership summit. I quickly clicked the link to read more and started my application. Traveling to Chicago, attending the summit and meeting young women who shared my viewpoint was easily the highlight of my summer. Since then, I have started a Turning Point chapter at my own school. Turning Point has lent a helping hand, not only in educating the youth, but for me personally. With Turning Point, I have been able to network with and meet amazing people and grow as a person and as a conservative woman. Without this organization, I would not be as informed, excited and well connected with politics as I am now. It is safe to say that Turning Point has and will continue to impact my life in many ways but especially in giving me direction and guidance to further my career and myself.

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Caroline Stout
Texas A & M University
Being involved in Turing Point USA (for a year now) has been one of my most life-changing experiences. Without this incredible organization, I wouldn’t have gained the inimitable opportunities to visit cities such as Washington D.C. and Chicago. Turning Point absolutely transformed my political hobbies into my future career.
    Additionally, Turning Point USA taught me many lessons, as an individual and as activist, in leadership, communication, networking, and personal development, which helps me lead my chapter, organize events, and promote the cause. There is no other organization that better advocates for limited government and fiscal responsibility in such a relevant, engaging, and tremendously successful way. It is an absolute honor and privilege to participate in an organization that is responsible for much of my professional/personal growth and many of my closest friendships.  I sincerely hope to continue to be a part Turning Point USA well into the future and experience the prodigious developments that are sure to come.


Jorge Villarreal
Houston Community College
Turning Point USA provided me with the resources and direction that were critical when I was first getting involved with my conservative activism. I was an ambassador at CPAC 2015 and an attendee for their Young Latino Leadership Summit. I was provided with the most effective training to reach out to my fellow millennials and an opportunity to network with other top activists from across the country. Turning Point USA is a one of a kind organization that every young activist should be involved with at some point in their political career.


Dominique Blair
Cerritos College
Turning Point USA has equipped me with the all the right leadership skills and qualities to face my college campus fearlessly. It makes me so proud to spread the word that Big Government Sucks! We have reached over 200+ college students this Fall with our message of limited government, fiscal responsibility and the benefits of the free market…I have had the privilege of attending Turning Point USA’s Young Women’s Leadership Summit and the Youth Latino Leadership Summit in St. Charles, Illinois, Chicago, and Wisconsin. As an attendee I was exposed to the most influential and hardworking speakers like, Former Congressman and Radio Host Joe Walsh, Prime Debater, Writer and Speaker Brent Hamachek, Businessman Chris Garcia and Entrepreneur Rachel Campos-Duffy.

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Moriah DeMartino
Hagerstown Community College
Turning Point USA is worth every minute of hype it receives. After attending the Young Women’s Leadership Summit and the Young Latino’s Leadership Summit this past summer, I had never been more excited to go back to school in the fall. Now that I’m back on campus and talking to other students, I see the desperate need for a TPUSA chapter and I can’t wait to get it officially functioning. There are so many students on campuses across the nation without a voice and TPUSA provides that for us! TPUSA has encouraged me every step of the way and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for my school and so many others.

image1 (1)Valerie Aldana
Florida International University
Turning Point USA is much more than it seems. It has provided such a vast voice for the conservative millennials all around our nation. It has provided me with the tools and knowledge required to inspire fellow college students into the conservative movement. I believe that education is the best tool to have, and Turning Point USA is preparing and educating a whole generation! I am so thankful to call myself an activist for both TPUSA and HYPELINE; being able to communicate my beliefs and ideologies with like-minded individual is absolutely priceless. I love being a part of the TPUSA movement and can’t wait to see what else is in store for us and the changes that we’ll imply (effect) in our country!

Britney Lopez

Britney Lopez
University of Central Florida
During Market Day at UCF, clubs set up tents around the Student Union to promote their club. I sometimes end up across from a club that promotes women’s empowerment where they have a giant rainbow “Ask A Feminist” sign.  It’s times like these where Turning Point USA has made me  feel like a better activist knowing that I promote equality in ways that benefits EVERYONE. Knowing  that I can educate both genders on their rights and  responsibilities alone, empowers me as a woman. Turning Point USA has been a huge light on the University of  Central Florida, empowering the student body on their liberties, responsibilities and pride that comes with living in  America. We’ve had close to a thousand student signatures within the past 6 months!

unnamedBrooke Woodward
University of Arkansas
Getting involved in Turning Point USA was one of my best decisions to date. I got involved with them through being an ambassador at CPAC, and now I am in the process of starting a new chapter on my own campus at the University of Arkansas! Being involved in TPUSA has allowed me to spread the word about the importance of a limited government and fiscal responsibility to students around the country who most likely otherwise would not know the significance of it. I can not wait to see how I am involved more with this fantastic organization in the future!

unnamedOlivia Matthews
Lemont High School
I love being part of TPUSA because it provides a forum for my voice to be heard as a young, fiscal conservative!  I enjoy learning from Turning Point and using that knowledge to help others understand that together we can make a difference in our future and in our government.  I really enjoyed attending CPAC and right now I am active in helping the organization put together materials used at chapters around the country.  I love being part of this huge student movement working to keep our country strong.

unnamed-1Jordi Tiffany
University of North Dakota
Turning Point USA is the voice of millennials. Not only does it give me the tools necessary to make a difference on my campus, but in the community as well! Educating our generation on economic issues takes a team, luckily TPUSA is there with you every step of the way!

unnamedJustin Lemke
University of Wisconsin – Madison
As a Turning Point USA Chapter Vice President at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, I see TPUSA as a true gift. Turning Point USA is a gift to me, because it allows me to be interconnected to an active network of grassroots activists that all have the same goal in spreading the word of conservative fiscal values. As an enrolled student in one of the most liberal schools in America, it is a true challenge to spread our values as conservatives. But thanks to Turning Point USA, I am able to break outside of the College Republican meetings, and instead talk to everyday students face-to-face about fiscal issues that our country needs to address. Turning Point USA and I know, that speaking to the choir will not change our country for the better, but instead being actively engaged with all members of society. Turning Point USA has allowed me to make more of a difference than I have ever thought possible. In the years ahead, I’m excited to see the fruits of our labor grow and turn our country back to the right direction.

Vladimir Davidiuk Headshot RVladimir Davidiuk, Jr.
University of St. Thomas
I and the rest of the College Republicans at the University of St. Thomas thoroughly enjoyed Turning Point USA’s “Big Government Sucks” campaign this semester. As we were all new to our leadership positions, we were at a loss when it came to ideas for appealing to the students, and this program was like a ray of light. The material was timely and engaging, and created opportunities for us to immerse ourselves in conversations with our audience. Whether they were for or against us, we had an amazing response from students – both incoming freshmen and current students were drawn to the displays which were both captivating and provocative. The previous year we had very limited success with drawing new members to our group, regardless of what we tried (10-15 new members); the “Big Government Sucks” campaign helped us to increase that amount tenfold. I cannot recommend the program or Turning Point USA more highly. They helped us grow dynamically and have given us a great head start on the upcoming semester. I look forward to working with them again.

Keeleigh S. Utt
North Stokes High School
 Turning Point USA provided me with a way to extend the reach of its conservative and pro-capitalist ideals on college campuses this semester in my home state of North Carolina. I would receive materials from the organization all the way from Illinois to aid in my education of the students of two area colleges, Wake Forest University and Salem College. I would go out once a week to register voters, speak with students about the ideals promoted by TPUSA and encourage others to get in on what was happening!
My experience allowed me to show college students why big government really sucks. By explaining this to others, I felt like I had truly shown some people just how important it is to pay attention to politics. For example, I was speaking to someone who “didn’t really like politics” and never voted in her life. But after sitting down and discussing the problems with such an overbearing, controlling government, she decided she needed to be more involved in expressing her ideas so she registered to vote. Little things like that mean a lot. I love showing just how every voice counts, and that I think is my favorite thing about Turning Point USA. We are a voice and an outlet for the youth of America, and we will not be silenced.

Priyanka Hardikar
University of Texas at Dallas
 Turning Point USA is a wonderful opportunity to get involved in the political world that so many students are increasingly becoming less aware of. Whether it is through political action or political discussion, TPUSA makes a difference, because it allows each of us to have a voice and therefore, an opinion, on important issues. I like that it reveals both sides of the story – a more accurate portrayal of the political events. It is hope for the future of the political world.