Today patriotism and remembrance transcend partisan politics. Flags hang somberly at half mast, flowers lay delicately on the graves of those who gave the greatest sacrifice, and families sit around BBQ pits recalling memories of fallen loved ones and enjoying their time with family.

Today Americans recognize the bravery of the men and women who willingly left the comforts of home and family to defend the rights and freedoms bestowed upon our nation’s great people. Yes, today is filled with fun and sun, laughter and lounging; however, the American people do not make light of the gravity of the loss of a fellow citizen.

Memorial Day

Today Republicans and Democrats alike join together to commemorate those who have died in service to our nation. While these same Republicans and Democrats may not always agree on the nature of the military or the morality and necessity of war, today both party’s people understand that our rights to disagree and publicly defend our most unpopular opinions are worth protecting. Both liberals and conservatives and all shades in between agree that those who protect our most sacred rights are worthy of our respect.

Today we celebrate Memorial Day. Today we honor those who have fallen. Today we celebrate, we remember, we cherish. Today we hold our heads high and thank all who serve this great United States of America.