Turning Point USA is known nationally for its 24/7-365 grassroots field program that reached over 1,000 high school and college campuses this past year.  The infrastructure, organization, new data, and trained activists would not be possible without TPUSA’s secret weapon — its field staff.

In early January, TPUSA kicked off the new year by hiring and training 50+ NEW Field Directors. These field staffers will work in over 20 different states across the country including Alabama, Arizona, California, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Maryland, Mississippi, Nevada, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Texas, Utah, Virginia and Wisconsin.  This expansion makes TPUSA’s Field Program the biggest conservative youth field program in America.

12512578_1550372698588316_431106971651295740_nBloomberg Politics reported in 2015 that, “field activists approach their duties with evangelical passion.”

The key to TPUSA’s success is the energy, consistency, drive, and passion exhibited by each and every Field Director on campus everyday. Through creative, youth-oriented messaging techniques and innovative outreach strategies, TPUSA is able to educate thousands of students about the principles of freedom and free enterprise, including those who traditionally do not identify as conservative.

In just a few days, this field team will begin educating, organizing, and mobilizing students on over 1,250 college campuses across the country.  They will launch new TPUSA chapters, partner and collaborate with existing like-minded activist groups, and organize effective activism events that promote TPUSA’s key principles. The left has an army doing this work everyday, and TPUSA is helping the right catch up.

There’s no doubt that the spring 2016 semester will be a successful one for TPUSA.  If you or a student you know are interested in connecting with a local Field Director, please click here to contact our staff.