Every year over 10,000 conservatives gather in Washington, DC for the biggest and most prestigious conference in America, the Conservative Political Action Conference, also known as CPAC.  Organizations, activists, strategists, media members, bloggers, political leaders, and students make up the 10,000+ attendees.



This year, Turning Point USA decided to “go all out” and use CPAC as an opportunity to recruit, grow, and make an impact in the conservative movement.

Turning Point USA sponsored 75 students from over 30 different states.  These students were chosen because of their activism efforts, extensive involvement, and dedication to TPUSA.  These students are the foot soldiers on college campuses – they’re the ones talking to their peers, organizing activism initiatives, registering students to vote, organizing protests, and more.

Throughout CPAC our team recruited for the organization and told other attendees about how TPUSA has impacted their ability to promote our values on campus.


Our booth was by far the most dynamic, interactive, and innovative.  No one could walk by without stopping to look at the setup and talk with our activists in the bright red polos.




We had a “Big Government Sucks” wall for students to sign, and we conducted our own Millennial Straw poll. We also distributed thousands of brochures, rally signs, booklets, stickers, and buttons.

Our impact was monumental.  One of our Ambassadors from Ohio, Tex Fischer, said, “CPAC was awesome. No one went home without knowing about our organization.”

Here’s what this means.  In 3 days at CPAC Turning Point USA recruited:

Over 320 NEW student leaders that want to start chapters

Over 285 NEW alliance partners added to our network

Over 530 NEW student writers for our website

Over 1,480 NEW college activists that want to get more involved on campus to help with voter registration and data collection

This type of growth in 3 days is unprecedented, and it would not have been possible without our hardworking and enthusiastic team of Ambassadors.

Turning Point USA also gained recognition for planning and executing one of the most well-attended evening events in the history of CPAC. On Thursday night, TPUSA hosted Senator Ted Cruz and Senator Rand Paul for a “Big Government Sucks” rally. Over 1,100 students attended; the room was packed with freedom and liberty-loving young Americans.

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The Senators spoke about the importance of getting involved in politics at a young age, and commended the activists in the room for their hard work and dedication to the cause.  Senator Ted Cruz said, “If we win the young people we will turn this country around.” The students responded with an enthusiastic standing ovation.



On Thursday morning, TPUSA Founder and Executive Director, Charlie Kirk was on a panel with Congresswoman Mia Love and Senator Ben Sasse talking about the future of millennials within the conservative movement.


Foster Friess joined our students and staff for dinner on Friday night, and spoke to our group about Middle East policies and the future of America. It was an honor for our team to meet him and learn from his wisdom and experience.



On the last day of CPAC, Turning Point USA was given the opportunity to close the conference on stage as the straw poll winner was announced.


The segment was on C-SPAN, FOX News, and other national media outlets. It was an amazing way to close out a wonderful week.

Our students were noticed and reported on by the Wall Street Journal, FOX News, The Boston Globe, POLITICO, Yahoo!, CNN, and countless other news outlets.

This conference sets the tone for our entire year, and we hit the ball out of the park.