Turning Point USA is excited to announce that its field program will be expanding to nearly a dozen new states this fall including Alabama, Colorado, Georgia, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Jersey, Oregon, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia.  TPUSA will also increase its staffing levels in several states such as Florida, Ohio, and North Carolina.

On Monday, July 20, Turning Point USA will welcome its 25+ new staff members to Chicago, Illinois for a full week of intensive field program training.  Training topics will include how to organize on campus, how to conduct voter registration drives, how to identify conservatives, and how to change hearts and minds using TPUSA’s messaging tactics and strategies.  TPUSA teaches the same community organizing tactics the left uses to identify, organize, and engage students on college campuses all across the country.

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This is unprecedented growth for a conservative youth organization.  In a little over three years, TPUSA has gone from having no staff to having nearly 50 full-time staff members working to identify, educate, and engage young conservatives across America.  The success has been overwhelming, but this is just the beginning.

Our movement needs a grassroots army, and Turning Point USA’s Field Directors will be working tirelessly all across America this fall to build that.

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