This year, California was introduced to Turning Point USA. Field Staffer Devon Mirsky spearheaded the effort to bring Turning Point USA to one of the nation’s most liberal states. There was, of course, some opposition. However, California quickly became one of our most productive states.

In just one semester, over 12 campus organizations joined our Free Market Alliance, 6 campuses launched an official chapter, and thousands of students signed up to learn more about free market principles.

We want you to have the same success as Devon in your state, so we sat down with her to find out what her secrets were. This is the advice she has to offer:

Use every resource available to you. There are so many resources that help me do my job. First, I go online and research the campuses in my area to see if there are any groups that may support free market principles. Then, I would research those schools and groups on Facebook. Students would respond well to Facebook or Twitter since they used them so often.

Use online tools to create real relationships. Once I reached out to someone online, I would make an effort to meet with them in person. The contacts really appreciated having someone take the time to sit down with them and mellow out any concerns or address any issues. Once I made that personal contact, we could develop a real working relationship and everyone was welcoming and working on the same page.

Use every opportunity to network. I made sure to follow up with all of my contacts. I would attend events and I would make myself visible to people. I would take every opportunity I could to build a network of Turning Point USA supporters.

Use information about your audience to tailor your message. Cailfornia has a very high immigrant population. Our message of capitalism, deregulation, and free markets really resonates with them. When I was talking with students I would try to relate our materials back to them. I would try to incorporate their specific histories into our conversation and create a contrast about a certain country’s government and the way free markets and government operate. I wouldn’t change our message, I would just relate it to the students on an individual level.