On April 1, Turning Point USA‘s Field Team set a goal of registering 1,000 new Florida voters on college campuses by the end of the month.

It was an ambitious goal, but with the help of our dedicated, skilled, and tireless team WE DID IT!  

Our team visited nearly every college in the state to identify, recruit, and register new voters. By the end of the month our grand total was 1,030 newly registered Florida voters.

We also brought our voter registration program to Ohio, and registered 566 new Ohio voters in the month of April.




TPUSA continues to be recognized at the industry leader in voter registration on college campuses.  Our team is present on college campuses every single day identifying, recruiting, educating, and registering new voters across America.

A special thank you goes to our grassroots warriors — Tyler Bowyer, Gillian Castillo, Bree Binder, Caitlin Butler, Chloe Castay, Jake Dagel, Tex Fischer, Carmen Foskey, Nathan Wirebaugh, Stephanie Conway and Faith Braverman.  Without their hard work none of our success would be possible.