Turning Point USA is organizing a fall 2015 national activism campaign from August 31st – November 27th!  Activists are invited to participate in this thematic national activism campaign and advocate against big government on campus this fall!


Fall 2015 Activism Schedule

August 31st – September 4th
Purpose: Advocate for capitalism by articulating all the ways capitalism has improved students’ lives

The Healthcare Games
September 7th – 11th
Purpose: Articulate all the harmful side effects of Obamacare by comparing the disastrous healthcare law to the storyline of “The Hunger Games”

Free Speech
September 13th – 18th
Purpose: Advocate against free speech zones and articulate the message that America is the real free speech zone — not a 10×10 box on a college campus

Game of Loans
September 21st – 25th
Purpose: Articulate the message that the big government-manufactured student loan crisis is to blame for the rising cost of tuition

Government Waste
September 28th – October 2nd
Purpose: Provide numerous examples of wasteful government spending and advocate for taxpayers keeping more of the money they earn

American Pride 
October 5th – 9th
Purpose: Explain why America is the best country on Earth. Period.

Guns Save Lives
October 12th – 16th
Purpose: Articulate the many reasons that Americans are safer with guns in the hands of the right people

The Real War on Women
October 19th – 23rd
Purpose: Explain that the real “War on Women” is big government

The Walking Debt
October 26th – 30th
Purpose: Explain that the national debt is the biggest and most dangerous threat facing the next generation

One Year Away Campaign
November 2nd – 6th
Purpose: Organize a national campus-based voter registration drive to help thousands of TPUSA activists get registered to vote

Capitalism Cures Poverty
November 9th – 20th
Purpose: Articulate the message that capitalism is the only real cure for poverty and provide examples of capitalism raising the quality of life for people across the world

Big Government Sucks
November 23rd – 27th
Purpose: Wrap up the semester by spreading the message that Big Government Sucks on college campuses across America

Bring this campaign to your campus!

To help students articulate these viewpoints, TPUSA has designed a collection of custom activism supplies for student groups!  See images below for examples and request a free activism kit atwww.turningpointusa.net/OrderKits so you can bring this campaign to your campus this fall!

Activism kits include rally signs, flyers, brochures, stickers, buttons, posters, sign-up cards, booklets, and more!

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