Opportunity Lives and Turning Point USA have joined forces this semester to educate college students on real life solutions to poverty. The solutions we are promoting do not come from Washington DC, but rather they come from local charities, individuals, and communities working together to make a difference.

On October 10th 2016, Turning Point USA organized over 100 college students at the University of Nevada – Las Vegas to watch a documentary produced by Opportunity Lives called Comeback. The documentary tells the inspiring, true stories of real-life Americans overcoming adversity in our nation’s cities and communities and features Speaker Paul Ryan, Sen. Tim Scott, Deion Sanders and community heroes making a difference in America.

The film, directed by Governor Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign documentarian Clare Burns, chronicles Speaker Ryan’s journey across the U.S. to learn from poverty fighters who, at the human-to-human level, are transforming lives and healing our nation. Already seen by nearly a million Americans, “Comeback” is a powerful documentary that will inspire and motivate you to be a part of the solution.

Today we see that college students nationwide are clamoring for federally funded social programs to fight poverty. Turning Point USA and Opportunity Lives are on the front lines educating college students about better solutions for helping those in poverty without government intervention. There are ways to fight poverty and other social challenges without the federal government, and TPUSA is helping college students realize that.