Whenever you hear the media tell you that there is a “conservative war on women” show them this picture! 

ywls group


RIGHT NOW we have over 125 of the best, brightest, articulate, driven, and talented young conservative women from across the country at our “Young Women’s Leadership Summit.”


Lots of people complain that conservatives struggle to reach Young Women.  But Turning Point USA is actively training and empowering young women from across the country!

We took a straw poll yesterday of potential 2016 candidates from our young women attendees. Here are the results:

Rand Paul 22%
Marco Rubio 18%
Ted Cruz 15%
Scott Walker 7%
Ben Carson 3%
Rick Perry 5 votes
Rick Santorum 2 votes
Jeb Bush 1 vote
Carly Fiorina 1 vote
20 undecided

As you read this email Turning Point USA is changing the lives of Young Women who never before had an opportunity to receive training, start a campus group, be a conservative leader, or feel included in the movement!

Also of course, a selfie: