Name: Cristina Melian
Age: 21
College: Senior at Arizona State University
Major: Psychology

Cristina Melian, a rising senior at Arizona State University, moved from the state of California to Arizona at the age of two. Her father, a retired military veteran, and mother instilled in her a great sense of patriotism and conservatism.

Growing up, Cristina listened to her Cuban-American parents talk about their journey from Cuba to America. The lessons learned from her parents’ experiences deeply shaped her political beliefs. “I hear my parents’ stories about how they came to this county and how hard they worked to get here. If you come to this country from another country, you should work for what you have. That’s why I’m conservative,” stated Cristina.

While her conservative beliefs are strong, she believes the conservative movement can do more to engage and include the Hispanic demographic.

When a fellow co-worker at her local Congressman’s office informed her about an opportunity to attend the Young Latino’s Leadership summit, Cristina seized the opportunity to learn. “Many Hispanics are misinformed or ill-informed about major issues that affect their everyday lives. I want to use this opportunity to educate myself so that I can articulate my beliefs and influence others.”