Name: Susan Blanco
Age: 19
School: Rising Sophomore at Texas A&M
Major: Management Information Systems

Susan Blanco, a rising Sophomore at Texas A&M, is studying Management Information Systems with the end goal of consulting or attending law school.

While Susan has always had an interest in politics, she had not been politically active prior to applying for the Young Latino Leadership conference. Her involvement in the conservative movement began when a friend introduced her to Turning Point USA and encouraged her to apply to the activist conference.

Through the Summit application process, Susan learned about Turning Point’s mission of engaging young voters and promoting fiscal responsibility, free markets, and capitalism. “I immediately thought Turning Point USA was extremely interesting,” said Blanco, “I loved the message and how they are engaging and motivating our generation. We need to be informed and we need to get involved. Turning Point lets us do that.”

Susan is most looking forward to hearing the speakers’ advice and input on how to turn her beliefs into action. She hopes to become more engaged in her local political arena following the conference.