Name: Charity Ana Lewis

Age: 22

School: The King’s College, NYC

What you are studying?

I am majoring in Media, Culture, and the Arts­­– it’s similar to a Humanities major. I find history & art fascinating when displayed together, whether it is through the written word or a visual canvas. They tell a person’s story with expression. Eventually, a career in fashion photography and/or an art museum coordinator is what I want to do. Expressing a statement without words is my goal in any artistic activity or career I go into.

What is your political background/how did you get interested in politics?

My father was a chaplain in the capitol of Texas from 2004-2009. I grew up watching him open up in prayer on the house floor once a week. He was consistently instructed not to pray in the name of Jesus, but he respectfully prayed in Jesus’ name. As a child, this revealed to me how precious and fragile religious freedom is. Watching my father has given me a passion and appreciation for religious freedom and freedom of speech. This was the beginning of my interest in politics.

If there was one defining moment I began to give attention to politics on my own, it was in my junior year of high school. I traveled to Washington D.C. with my youth group to a student leadership conference in 2010 (Student Leadership University) and was informed of the details on abortion, Obamacare, welfare, and the national debt. As a person who only knew the headlines but not the inside scope, I began to care more about what was happening in my country.

Have you been active in politics (clubs, campaigns, etc.) before?

When I am able to, I’m active with The King’s College Republicans.

What are you looking forward to most in the upcoming Young Latino Leadership Summit?

I am looking forward to gaining new insights and information from guest speakers, TPUSA staff, and other attendees that I hope to build friendships with. It is humbling and gracious how much the Summit is investing in students to come and be instructed on how to reach our potential as conservative activists in our communities.

What do you want to take away from this conference?

I hope to learn how to realistically reach out to Latino communities, my college campus, or any other local group as a conservative activist. I want to know what really works and what doesn’t. I hope to bring a message to these communities that conservatism is not its stereotype as the party of the rich. Rather, it is a perspective that sheds a new light on preserving our liberty by keeping government small.