Name: Jorge Villarreal
Age: 18
Rising Freshman at Houston Community College in Texas.

What will you be studying at Houston Community College? I will be majoring in Agriculture. My parents are both farmers in New Jersey. In fact, we still own a farm in New Jersey. I grew up around agriculture and have a real interest in the field. I want to be a political staffer and potentially a campaign manager, but I don’t think I need a specific degree to do that so I might as well study what I enjoy.

Tell me about your political background.
I grew up in a non-political family. My parents voted, but they weren’t affiliated with a single party. They always voted based off which candidate would keep regulation out of the farm industry and would keep the government from controlling the industry. The Republican Party is the party of less government, less regulation, and more personal freedom, so my involvement with the Party was a natural fit.

How have you been involved in the local political scene? I became involved in September of 2012 and started to attend local political events. In 2014 I was a Field Representative for the Harris County Republican Party – the largest battle ground county in the country – and I helped recruit volunteers and activists. Now I am in Houston, Texas working on the 2015 municipal cycle, working as the field director for a local city council race.

Wow, that’s a tall order for an 18 year old. How do you do it? I’m good at time management. To make it in this field, you’ve got to be.

What other good advice do you have for up and coming political operatives? Go attend major political events. Find a party you are passionate about and go to their local meetings, their young Republican or Democrat meetings, networking events, etc. I’d also tell these people to start getting business cards early. After the event, drop the contact a quick note saying “Great to meet you last night! Let’s stay in touch” and you’ll see a great response.

Turning Point USA is lucky to have you. How do you want to stay involved with our organization? I’d definitely like to start a chapter at Houston Community College. I am planning to transfer to Texas A&M and I would like to start a Turning Point chapter there as well. The end goal is to get a job as a field representative in New York or New Jersey; that would be ideal.