Name: Luis Torres

College: Rising senior at University of Houston

Major: Corporate Communications

Minor: Business

How did you first hear of Turning Point USA?

I heard about it through a buddy of mine that is involved with the organization already. I was involved with a different organization and my friend forwarded me an email so then I applied for the summit.

 What are you most excited for during the YLLS summit?

I’m looking forward to seeing, hearing and learning everything Turning Point USA has to offer. I want to see the kind of people that attend and the challenges they face. I think it will be encouraging for my own activism.

What is your involvement in politics?

I focus more on spreading awareness to the college community. It’s a lot of how big government is awful and how we can make a big difference as a youth. It starts at the campus level. We have to educate people now and as they get older they can make a difference and make a change.

What is your dream job?

My dream job would be something that allows me to travel and move around a lot. To me flying is the perfect combination of that, being able to choose your own path instead of just sitting in the back. I would also love to be a captain on an airship or a pilot.

What was your inspiration for your dream job?

My buddy had an airplane and he invited me to go flying and I kind of fell in love. It was a discovery flight for me and this was back when I was nineteen. So I had just started college and after I knew it I was flying planes and changing my major.

What are your other interests?

I’m mostly involved with the community here. I do a lot of things with programming and networking. I do enjoy going outdoors and exploring out of the city. I like to get away on a retreat or a campsite, or even heading out to the water. I like to escape from the busy world I live in here, whether that is camping or fishing because time flies.

Lastly, how many times do you hit snooze in the AM?

Usually I’m really good at getting up. A lot of times just once and when I do hit snooze, I’m half awake then by the second alarm I’m like, “Okay, ill wake up.”