Moriah DeMartino is from Sharpsburg, Maryland and will be attending Shepard University in West Virginia starting in the fall.  Moriah plans on majoring in Political Science with a double minor in communications and economics.

Moriah found her passion for politics and government her sophomore year of high school.  She took a government class, and her teacher at the time encouraged her to get more involved.  Then, in her senior year, she competed in We the People and was judged on short speeches and her response to follow-up questions.  She was extremely successful and advanced to compete at the state level.

Moriah brought her talents to our Young Women’s Leadership Summit in June and really enjoyed how encouraging all of the speakers were.  She said it was nice to feel like, “We’re not crazy.”

She really enjoyed her experience at YWLS and is very much looking forward to attending the upcoming Young Latino Leadership Summit.  She made lots of friendships and is looking forward to reuniting with the friends that she made at the first summit.  She can’t wait to hear from strong Latino leaders that encourage students to make a name for themselves and not be convinced by the liberal media.

Moriah’s parents taught her that you have to work hard to succeed and that you should not have things handed to you because they will lose their value.  With a mindset like this, Moriah is sure to be a successful activist and a positive influence on others!