Name: Randee Viena

Hometown: Hialeah, Florida

College: Florida International University

Major: Biology, on Pre-med track

Minor: Chemistry and Psychology
I have lived in Florida my whole life and have always had a passion for medicine and biology. I am involved in pre-med club in college and also try to live a healthy lifestyle. I do fitness MNA which is a program that features daily exercise classes emphasizing self defense and healthy nutrition. Recently, I have taken on an internship where I am a research assistant for a neuro behavior lab. The work is challenging but I am excited to be trying something new that is giving me great experience. I also enjoy spending time volunteering for my local church and hospital.
How did you hear about Turning Point?
A close friend mentioned it to me and I decided to do some searching on the website. After searching around, I came across the Young Latino Leadership Summit and decided to apply.
How did you get involved in politics?
I am pretty new to the politics but turning 18 and now having the ability to vote really inspired me to learn more. I decided that I had a responsibility to vote and vote knowing more about important issues and the candidates I am voting for.
What do you hope to get out of the Summit?
Since I’m new to politics, I hope to learn about major political problems our country is facing and gain political experience connecting with other students and speakers.
What are your career plans and future goals after graduation?
Since I am on the Pre-med track, Medical school is my main goal after graduating. I have also considered going to graduate school for biology and continuing my research in neuroscience.