This past week at the Young Latino Leadership Summit has transformed the liberal ideology that conservatives are a bunch of old white men. Turning Point USA continually proves that message wrong. These enthusiastic and passionate students are trained up, geared up and ready to FIGHT the liberal indoctrination that is happening all over this great country.



As we concluded an eventful week at the Young Latino Leadership Summit, our attendees flock to Twitter to reflect on the amazing events that transpired. Here are a few of our favorite quotes:

“Walked away as a proud conservative latino! Thank you @TurningPointUSA for the #YLLS2015!” Valerie

“@TurningPointUSA is such a big part of my life. Words can’t express how much of an impact this group of young conservatives has made on me” – Joanna Rodriguez

“@TurningPointUSA is hands down one of the best college/youth organizations around. This is the future. #tcot #YLLS2015” – Daniel Hererra

“Thanks .@TurningPointUSA 4 bringing so many conservative Latinos together. I left inspired @LIBREinitiative #belibre ” – Rachel Campos-Duffy


Clearly this summit really inspired these campus leaders, as well as our speakers.



This wouldn’t have been possible without the leadership, planning, organizational excellence of Charlie Kirk, Crystal Clanton, Katherine Sodeika, Ellie Kraimer and all of our office staff for putting on this fantastic summit.

Stay tuned for updates about our High School Activism Conference next week.