Britney Lopez is a rising senior at the University of Central Florida.  She is majoring in Legal Studies with a minor in Writing and Rhetoric.  Britney is in her school’s marching band and a member of Phi Alpha Delta law fraternity.  After college she hopes to continue her education in law school.

Britney first became politically active her senior year of high school.  In searching for colleges she became very interested in the politics that surround the cost of college and public universities.  This sparked her political activity.  She started reading more about political issues and found her home in the conservative community.  With her newfound place in political politics Britney found Crystal Clanton and Charlie Kirk on Twitter.  This was her first look at Turning Point USA.

After following us on Twitter, the Young Women’s Leadership Summit caught Britney’s eye!  She is looking forward to sharing stories and experiences with other attendees.  Britney will also be attending our Young Latino Leadership Summit this summer.  As a bright and successful student, Britney will continue to be a great conservative activist and a strong influence at the University of Central Florida.