Caroline Stout has been politically minded from the start.  Her family is very politically active and she has become an extremely effective activist.  In high school, Caroline founded and became the president of her school’s Young Republican Club.  In addition to her high school activism, Caroline worked for several campaigns where she learned a great deal.

Caroline has been a great asset to Turning Point USA.  She was an Ambassador at CPAC 2015 and is looking forward to reunite with her new friends at our Young Women’s Leadership Summit.  She says, “I am counting down the days to see my CPAC friends!”  Caroline is excited to attend this summit and be part of an organizations that is, “engaging women in a way that conservative organizations usually don’t”.  With the left dominating the female voice, she believes this conference will give women the opportunity to share their conservative viewpoints.

As Caroline continues to be very active in conservative politics, she will be going on a speaking tour next summer.  She says, “If it wasn’t for Turning Point I wouldn’t have the opportunities I have now.”  We are so fortunate to have an activist like Caroline on our team, and it will be great to see what she does after our Women’s Leadership Summit!