Turning Point USA is taking the offense and hosting a Young Women’s Leadership Summit on June 14th through 18th to train and inspire young women on high school and college campuses to be effective conservative activists in their schools and communities.

The ladies attending the conference are some of the best and brightest on their campuses. We want you, our supporters and friends, to have the chance to get to know these fantastic young women. Each day leading up to the Young Women’s Leadership Summit we will post an interview or interest piece about one of our many attendees.

Today, we sat down with Heather Mende to talk about her political involvement, her future goals, and her favorite things about Turning Point USA. Enjoy!

Heather Mende

Heather Mende
Age: 21
College: Rising Senior at Valparaiso University
Major: Double major in Public Relations and Creative Writing
Career Ambition: To work on a campaign and handle public relations or media.

How did you learn about Turning Point USA? I had a friend who was working for Turning Point USA and when the Young Women’s Leadership Summit was announced, she contacted me and said this would be a perfect fit. I hadn’t worked with Turning Point before, but once I signed up for the Summit and started to learn more about Turning Point USA, I knew I wanted to be more involved with the organization.

You did become more involved. Now you’re an intern! Can you talk about that experience? I just started my second day at the office and I couldn’t be more excited. We have been doing a lot of event planning and outreach. There are so many trainings and conferences this year. There is so much work that goes into those events.

What has impressed you most about your time with Turning Point USA? The organization is incredibly innovative. We are making conservative politics trendy and popular. The way we use social media and reach young conservatives is cutting edge.

What are you most excited about in regards to the Young Women’s Leadership Summit? I think it will be an incredibly positive experience to have so many young women with the same morals, values, ideas, and passions all in the same room. There is also such a wide range of ages that we will each bring a unique perspective to the same issues. Even though there is only 8 years difference between a 24 year old and a 16 year old, their points of view will be dramatically different.

Do you have a specific speaker you are excited to hear? I know we have a great lineup, but I am so excited to hear Charlie Kirk speak. When I heard he was 21 years old my jaw dropped. Overall, I am excited about the context of the speeches and trainings. I am really excited to hear about each person’s story and how they have done activism and how I can follow their examples.