Zoe Klages was a part of the Turning Point USA movement before she even realized it. Charlie Kirk, founder and executive director of the organization, followed her on Twitter more than six months ago. Charlie’s Twitter feed mirrored Zoe’s- links to conservatives news outlets, funny tweets about liberal pundits, and memes about free markets- and Zoe knew she wanted to keep an eye on what he was doing in the conservative movement.

Zoe Klages

Zoe didn’t have any other contact with Turning Point USA until Charlie tweeted about the Young Women’s Leadership Summit. Zoe immediately signed up to attend, knowing that this was an organization worth supporting.

This will be Zoe’s first time in Chicago. She is excited to meet young women who think and believe similarly to her, but most of all she is excited to hear from the man who introduced her to Turning Point USA: Charlie Kirk.

“I don’t know if he realizes just how much of an inspiration he is to young people,” says Zoe. Zoe comes from a liberal community and has found strength and encouragement with the Turning Point USA community.

This summer, Zoe hopes to attend several more Turning Point sponsored trainings and events. A rising Senior at John Champe high school, Zoe has set her sights on Texas A&M, where she knows there is already a thriving Turning Point USA chapter.