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From the Field: Devin Bilski

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Recently I was at Denison University and it was quite the experience. I’ve tabled there numerous times before and each and every time I’ve been encountered by a group of socialist students that have given me a hard time and tried to claim that capitalistic policies are racist and hurt the poor. Not only that, [...]

From the Field: Jessi Rapelji

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Minorities Matter: Go Where No one Has Gone Before Historically, African-American college campuses are not generally where I see conservative groups working. In my area, I’ve run across activists from numerous other political groups, campaigns, and parties, yet there is an astonishing lack of these working with students on these primarily African-American campuses. There are lots [...]

From the Field: James Ward

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Last semester, I started building a Turning Point USA chapter at my school (University of West Florida) to bring about more awareness about Reaganomics. I really didn’t expect it to be anything more than a group of like minded college students dedicated to promoting the ideals of free markets, capitalism, and limited government. What I didn't [...]

From the Field: Laura Hutson

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Flexibility. This is an extremely important skill that Field Directors and student activists need in order to recruit students to Turning Point USA.  This skill is definitely one that I had to use this month on campus. First, I planned to table at Virginia Commonwealth University with the student activist forming the chapter there.  I arrived [...]

From the Field: Morgan Bergoon

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There are two types of students: students who think “Big Government Sucks,” and students who think “Big Government Sucks” but don’t know it yet. Please meet a few friends who previously believed liberal lies, and now are Turning Point USA activists! Cameron planned to vote for Bernie Sanders, even though she hates taxes. Now, she understands that [...]

From the Field: Taylor Montgomery

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It is a bitter sweet feeling as the semester comes to an end at Florida State. I am beyond proud of the activist in the Florida State, coming back from CPAC and nearing finals week, they show no sign of slowing down! In the past few weeks we devoted more time to on campus polling than [...]

From the Field: Josh Thifault

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Every time I visit a high school, I hear the same type of questions.  “My family’s conservative, but I don’t really know how to get involved. What can I do?”  “My friends are liberal, and my teachers say that capitalism hurts poor people. I don’t agree, but how can I tell them what I believe?”  “My [...]

From the Field: Richard Raps

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The best team in Southwest Florida is definitely over at Florida Gulf Coast University. Members of the newly forming FGCU Turning Point USA chapter are some of the most dedicated activists in Florida! This semester I’ve identified some of the best star activists I have ever had the pleasure of working with. First off, I would [...]

From the Field: Gina Jochimsen

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Turning Point USA at the University of Iowa is strong and steady! I mentioned in my last field report that just having it registered, we were off to a slow start. What I realized in this last month is that even though it can be a slow start, it is better to have quality activists over quantity. I [...]

From the Field: Matt Lamb

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Since last month, I’ve been traveling throughout Iowa, Illinois and Washington, D.C. with Turning Point USA, trying to reach as many students as possible. At University of Iowa and Iowa State we talked to students about how Big Government affects all of them right now, not just when they get older! We used a handmade paycheck [...]