for real-time reactions and unfiltered commentary on the news of the day. The 3-hour livestream features TPUSA Contributors, prominent conservative influencers, and news personalities breaking down all things happening within culture and across the conservative movement. The team goes LIVE from TPUSA’s Headquarters and presents brand new video productions, as well as the TPUSA daily and weekly shows you know and love!

On the TPUSA Live Feed, you can discover hot takes, opnions, and reactions

to breaking news and topics in written and video format — a consolidated place for trending social media posts, fresh content from our own productions team, and opinion editorials posted by the most trusted sources in the movement.

Everyday viewers, readers, and listeners can join the conversation by engaging in the livestream chat, and starting and subscribing to comment threads on the TPUSA LIVE FEED.

TPUSA Live is your new home and daily source for the fresh, conservative perspective the moment has been asking for.
Hour One

Join Charlie Kirk, Jack Posobiec, Alex Clark and Isabel Brown for daily content from some of your favorite personalities. This hour will cover everything from breaking news to pop culture.

Hour Two

The second hour of TPUSA LIVE is authentic, unfiltered, grassroots content and conversation LIVE from our studio at Turning Point Headquarters in Phoenix, AZ. It will feature some of the most prominent conservative personalities in the movement sitting down with daily show host, Jon Root to discuss the news of the day including politics, pop culture, college campuses, sports and everything in-between.

Hour Three

Weekly content covering a variety of topics from the Second Amendment, sports without the propaganda, and much more to give you the ammo needed to fight indoctrination and win America’s culture war.