Ginni Thomas

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Ginni Thomas has been a part time, special correspondent for the Daily Caller since April 2011, producing videos of emerging leaders and educators in the public square who offer hope and inspiration. Her ear is to the ground outside the Washington Beltway, while her lifetime professional devotion, like her mother’s was, is to retain an America that is strong, prosperous and free.

In her spare time, she promotes “team ball” on the center-right, staying in the political lane, to slow the fundamental transformation of our government. Previously, she was the founder of (nonprofit for citizen activists).  Ginni worked at The Heritage Foundation (10 years), helped set up Hillsdale College’s Washington office, worked for Rep. Dick Armey in his leadership offices before and after the 1994 revolution, and has served in senior levels of the executive branch of our government under Republican Presidents. Her disdain for the way Washington now works is growing, while her enjoyment of connecting good people for good results also grows.

She has maintained her midwestern authenticity after 35 years in Washington, D.C. and enjoys motor homing and the Nebraska Cornhuskers with her husband, Justice Clarence Thomas. For those who know Ginni and her life path, her career choices reflect her being her Mother’s Daughter (Mom was a NE Reagan Delegate in Miami in 68 and ran for state legislature in NE when I was a teenager… the youngest of 4 kids, while my Dad was an entrepreneur, civil engineer and land developer), than her husband’s wife!

Her degrees are: Business Communication & Political Science from Creighton University, and J.D. from Creighton Law School (Omaha, NE).