Roman Buhler

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Roman Buhler is the Director of the Madison Coalition, which, with the support of Resolutions in more than 25 state legislative chambers and of the RNC is working to mobilize states to persuade Congress to curb the authority of federal regulators by proposing the “Regulation Freedom Amendment” to require that major new federal regulations be approved by Congress.

The Madison Coalition also sponsors “Don’t Bankrupt America!” a network of young leaders who believe that much as states helped force Congress to propose the Bill of Rights, states could help persuade Congress to propose a balanced budget or fiscal discipline amendment to the U.S. Constitution and save the next generation from a fiscal crises.

Mr. Buhler served for 14 years as a Committee Counsel for the U.S. House of Representatives and was Newt Gingrich’s first House Committee Counsel.

Among Mr. Buhler’s other political projects have been a “Military Voting Rights” Rule adopted by the 2012 Republican National Convention, and a redistricting reform initiative passed by California voters in 2010.

Mr Buhler graduated from Stanford University where he was President of the Stanford College Republicans, and from the University of Southern California Law School.

He lives in McLean VA.