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For the past five years Sean Woods has  proudly served as a member of the Leadership Team at Cancer Treatment Centers of America®. His Leadership role within the organization has provided him the opportunity to assist patients and their families, as they seek to explore treatment options for their cancer care. As a member of the Leadership Team, Sean is an innovator,  playing a key role in helping the organization to not only adapt, but evolve in today’s constantly changing Health Care Market. 

As a 32° Freemason, Sean is committed  to behaving honorably in everything that he does.

His connection to Turning Point USA, stems from a personal transformation that Sean felt after reading Atlas Shrugged. He couldn’t help but notice a strong correlation between the book’s message and Turning Point USA’s belief in promoting the principles of fiscal responsibility, free markets and limited government. 

Sean and his wife Karie have been married for seventeen years and currently reside in northern Illinois.